What's New in Wave 7.0?

What's New in Wave 7.0

  • Wave 7.0 runs on Windows Server 2016 Standard 64-bit.
A major release that enables your system to continue to have the latest security and usability updates from Microsoft.

  • Support for Vertical Cloud Connect Services (VCC), ViewPoint Web (VPW), CRM Link and Fax Manager has been removed from Wave 7.0.
  • If you use Wave Business Continuity Service (BCS), please contact your Wave provider for specific instructions.


Make sure that your Wave meets all the following prerequisites:

  • Hardware requirements
  • Supported Wave migration paths
  • Migration software
  • License requirements

Hardware requirements

Wave 7.0 requires 64-bit capable hardware and is supported on the latest generation Wave IP hardware with 128 GB or greater SSD. This includes:

  • IP 2500 Waves with the ISC3 VAM
    • VW-2500ISC3-STD
    • VW-2500ISC3-ADV
    • VW-2500IS3-VAM3
  • IP 500 Waves with 4GB RAM
    • VW5-500-3A-VAM

Customers with older systems will need to upgrade hardware. This includes:

  • All ISC1 VAMs on IP 2500 systems
  • All ISC2 VAMs on IP 500 systems
  • All VW-500IS3-VAM3

If you are migrating to a new Wave:

  • The source and target Waves must be the same model (IP500 or IP2500).
  • For best results, the source and target Waves should have the same MRM configuration. If the source Wave MRM configuration is larger than the target Wave MRM configuration, the Migration Utility will complete (unless there are other issues), but the 7.0 Wave will come up in the “insufficient hardware” resource allocation mode.
  • The source and target Waves can have different VAMs.

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