Upgrade to Wave 7.0

Vertical Wave 7.0 Upgrade Requirements

Upgrading to Wave 7.0...the requirements.

Vertical has released Wave version 7.0 for the IP500 and the IP2500. Not only will version 7.0 contain the latest Wave software updates, it will also contain an operating system change. Wave version 7.0 will change the existing OS from Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2016.

Hardware Requirements for Wave 7.0 upgrade. Wave will require 64 bit capable hardware.

IP500 – model # VW5-500-3A-VAM only

  • This model of IP500 has 4GB of RAM and an LCD on the front of the Wave.
    • Note: No IP500 with 1GB RAM is supported with version 7.0.



  • This is an Intel Duo Core CPU with 2GB RAM and an LCD on the front of the Wave.


  • This is an Intel Celeron CPU with 4 GB RAM and an LCD on the front of the Wave.


  • This is an Intel i7 CPU with 4 GB RAM and an LCD on the front of the Wave.

Other requirements for Wave 7.0 upgrade

  • A Hotfix may need to be applied to the current system to allow the database to migrate to version 7.0.
  • Current Wave Software Subscription. This pertains to the current Wave licenses.
  • Microsoft Server 2016 COA License. The Microsoft COA license sticker is located on the right side of the chassis. Systems purchased since March 2019 should have the new COA sticker.

To move forward with the update quote process several items will be requested.

1.  A Wave License Status Report.

Log into the Wave Global administrator and click on Report Generator



Highlight License Status and then select Generate




Now select View Generated Reports – another tab will open, and you will see LicenseStatus.html. Right-Click this and do Save target as.



Save the file to the desktop. You can then copy and paste the file to your pc if the clipboard is shared.

2.  A copy of your iomanifest.txt from the Wave system. This will allow us to know the current version of your Wave and what upgrade procedure is needed for your system.

  • The iomanifest.txt is on the C drive as noted below. You can right-click and copy this file and paste it to your pc if the clipboard is shared.

3.  Current Microsoft COA license sticker. If you have a Microsoft Server 2016 sticker on your Wave, please take a picture and send that as well. If you do not have a Server 2016 sticker, please note that one is needed.

Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-967-1412 or 770-426-0051.


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