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Anytime, anywhere, any way "real-time communications" - never miss an important call or message again with Wave IP.

Visual Voicemail Management
Manage Your Voicemail Visually through a simple, intuitive interface, letting you prioritize your messages at a glance. Listen to the most pressing voicemail first and add notes easily. Bookmark important sections of the message, such as an order or phone number, enabling rapid retrieval of vital information. Notes are included in forwarded messages for easy reference.  
Enhance Loyalty and Retention

Enhance Customer and Partner Loyalty & Retention — ViewPoint enhances your relationship with customers and partners by boosting your responsiveness. For example, your most important clients may not know they have been designated as a VIP caller, but they will be aware that their calls are answered with a personalized response and always returned within a few minutes.  

The Personal Touch

Treat Each Caller with a Personal Touch — Create multiple voice greetings and set up custom routing rules through an intuitive GUI interface to define how each caller is handled, including VIP treatment, creating a custom experience for callers.  

Target Messages

Target Messages to Diverse Audiences — Easily record and broadcast voice messages to groups or entire organizations, enabling prompt delivery of urgent or time-sensitive messages. 

Compliance and Training

Call Recording is a powerful tool supporting vital business functions like compliance, training, performance reviews and customer service. To record an outbound or inbound call, simply click the record button on the toolbar or have the system record calls automatically. Pause or resume recording as needed - and putting a call on hold automatically pauses recording. You can even add written notes or your own recorded comments and bookmark key moments in the recording for future access. With ViewPoint you can quickly and easily search your archived recordings for specific conversations.

You Can Always Reach Me

Take ViewPoint Features With You - In an organization whose mobile employees have multiple phone lines, 'follow-me' call forwarding ensures that an employee is always reachable - on any specified line - and always has access to the full range of Wave features. Customers only need to know one phone number for a given employee in order to reach that individual anywhere in the world.


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