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Manage Your Voice Systems Like Your IT Systems

Wave IP 2500 Business Communications System is a new IP-based communications platform for small to mid-sized businesses and larger distributed organizations. Wave IP is the second of two new products from Vertical and represents the integration of product lines following the merger of four well-respected telephony vendors over the past three years – Artisoft, Vertical Networks, Comdial and Vodavi. With an eye toward evolving the business and setting forth a migration path for its customers, Wave IP is the evolution for the company’s installed base as it begins to retire earlier telephony systems in favor of a next generation IP-based platform, packaged with business critical applications for a competitive price.
A solution “two years in the making” and set to become Vertical’s flagship system, Wave IP incorporates an “Applications Inside” architecture—a suite of pre-loaded applications. Voice mail, auto attendant, unified messaging, conferencing, contact center and call recording and other critical business applications are embedded in a single box, eliminating the need for the separate software or hardware that is typical with traditional PBX (News - Alert) systems. Furthermore, Wave IP is “endpoint agnostic” so users can access the full application range whether they use a SIP, analog or digital telephone. 
More specifically, with a dedicated application server, basic applications are embedded and come standard on the Wave IP 2500, while more advanced applications are “ready-to-run” and activated easily with license keys. Basic, standard applications include the Wave ViewPoint desktop call management tool, Wave Voicemail, Wave Auto Attendant and Wave Call Recording. Advanced applications can be optionally activated, including Wave Contact Center, Wave Call Classifier, Wave Conference Manager (available late 2007), Wave Fax Manager (available late 2007) and Wave Voice Server (available late 2007). Optional, add-on applications can be trialed for 30 days at no charge.
Three Wave IP 2500 platform options are available: (1) Standard Edition with support for 50 users, one T1/PRI or 24 SIP trunks; (2) Professional Edition with support for 200 users, three T1/PRI or 72 SIP trunks; and (3) Enterprise Edition with support for 350 users, four T1/PRI or 96 SIP trunks. Each Edition comes with the Global Administrator, four IP Gateway Ports, the Integrated Services Card (voice processing and packet switching), Vertical Application Module (Intel (News - Alert) processor module with voice applications) and user licenses that entitle customers to ViewPoint desktop call management, Voicemail/Unified Messaging, Call Recording and Auto Attendant.
Wave IP 2500 supports legacy telephone equipment to help migrate existing Vertical customers to Wave IP without forfeiting their investment in costly telephone equipment. SIP hard and soft phones, including a family of Vertical SIP desk phones (manufactured by Aastra, as well as the CounterPath eyebeam softphone) are compatible with Wave IP, Vertical TeleVantage (formerly from Artisoft) and InstantOffice (formerly from Vertical Networks) systems. Digital phones are compatible with Wave IP, Comdial and Vodavi systems.

Wave IP Business Communications Systems

Vertical's Wave IP Business Communications System delivers business telephony and applications that can increase employee productivity and reduce operating costs for businesses of any size - from small single-site businesses to large multi-site enterprises. Wave IP integrates desktop and enterprise applications with voice communications in a streamlined system that is easy to deploy and manage.

Don't settle for just 'dial tone'. Expect more.

If you are settling for just 'dial tone' - you're missing out. Wave IP is much more than a phone system; it is a powerful business tool that offers critical business communications applications, as well as the ability to integrate voice applicaltions with existing enterprise applications, resulting in greater employee productivity and visibility of business activities.

Reduce operating costs

Realize the Cost Savings of SIP Trunking
SIP trunking is one of the biggest cost saving opportunities a company can achieve to reduce operating expenses. Compared to traditional PSTN trunks with DID and 800 numbers, a company can immediately save 30- 50% off their monthly phone bill. Wave IP is certified with a number of different SIP providers.

Avoid Exorbitant Upgrade Expenses
You don't have to upgrade your entire network to support a new VoIP system while still realizing the benefits! Wave IP is a converged system that can be deployed as a digital, analog, hybrid or VoIP phone system. Most VoIP systems require expensive network upgrades to support the increased bandwidth, security and QoS required for VoIP calls on the LAN and WAN.

Manage Your Voice Systems Like Your IT Systems
Wave IP offers a robust Web-based administration console that can be accessed remotely and configured to provide alerts and alarms based on system status and performance. The Wave Global Administrator management console has over 50 applets covering configuration, user management, diagnostics, licensing and notification/alert management.

Increase the Value of Existing Voice Infrastructure
Migration is a key value of Wave IP - as it supports a number of traditional phone types. Wave IP is compatible with Vodavi and Comdial phones, as well as, supporting any analog or standard IP endpoint. Supported Endpoints.

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