Built-in Omni-Channel
Meet customers where they are, via the communication modes they prefer. Elite includes voice, SMS, chat, and email queues right out of the box.
Outreach at Scale
You’ll get access to Dynamic Notifications. With automated outbound notifications across voice, SMS, and email channels, you can craft campaigns that achieve anything from straightforward reminders to multi-touch marketing, and allow for customer interaction.
Custom Integrations
With the package, whether you need integration with CRM, workforce management, or data dips into various aspects of your solution, we have you covered. Note: requires professional
Schedule Manager/Evaluator Dashboard
Balance staff resources available against the work to be done with Schedule Manager. Then, with our Evaluator Dashboard, efficiently review, evaluate, and provide feedback on recorded customer interactions.


  • Voice, Chat, email, and SMS Queues
  • Speech Recognition Integration
  • Smart Greetings (announces # of callers in queue, estimated waiting time)
  • Automatically connects callers to the next available agent. Places callers on hold when all agents are busy with calls.
  • Route calls, chat, emails and SMS to i) organized departments such as sales, or support, ii) Agent based on specific skillset or geographical preference.
  • Desktop & Web Application – single pane of glass for voice, chat, email, and SMS queues
  • Structured, consistent feedback via Evaluator
  • Screen recording
  • Outbound Voice capabilities & outbound dialer (power dialing add-on)
  • Queued Callbacks and Voicemails make for structured, efficient follow-ups
  • Custom Agent Status
  • Evaluator empowers supervisors to review, score, and provide feedback on agent-customer interactions
  • Desktop & Web Application
  • Enhanced supervisor calling abilities: monitor, whisper, and barge
  • Supervisor Reporting: Agent/Group Activity Reporting; Historical Reporting; call queue and active call reports; Report Scheduling
  • Dynamic Notifications, for outreach campaigns via voice, email, & SMS *
  • Schedule Manager helps optimize your workforce and balance staff resources against demand
  • Custom CRM Integration †
  • Custom WFM Integration †
  • Custom IVR Integrations & Self-service applications (DB Data Dips, Intelligent Routing, Payment IVRs etc.) †
  • Real-time calling statistics dashboard for desktop or wallboard display
  • Customizable Interactive Voice Response (IVR) helps direct your customers to the right agent or information using their voice
    Routes calls according to Administrator specifications: Last Agent, Preferred Agent, etc.
  • Outbound Dialer with voice & blended channel queues (add-on)
  • Real-Time Customizable Threshold Alerts
  • Emergency Queue Bulletins
  • Post-Call Surveys
  • Text-To-Speech
  • Call Scripting
  • Elastic Demand Support, up to 50%
* Desired channels (E-mail & SMS) add-on sold separately.
† Require professional services.

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