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Unified Communications with no compromises
Wave IP's simple and powerful licensing scheme provides the full power of Wave IP to all users as a standard feature.

Standard UC feature set includes:

  • Award-winning ViewPoint UC desktop client and ViewPoint Mobile application
  • Integrated SIP Softphone
  • Secure Instant Messaging
  • Organization-wide Presence & Personal Status
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Intelligent Find-Me / Follow-Me
  • Email and Contacts synchronization with Exchange
  • Personalized Call Handling

Mobility. The power to connect anytime, anywhere
You can take Wave IP's feature set with you wherever you go so you are always connected and have powerful enterprise communications tools at your disposal.

Mobility feature set includes:

  • One number service - publish one number, make & receive calls from multiple devices
  • Transform any PSTN connected phone into your personal enterprise extension
  • ViewPoint UC desktop client with integrated phone
  • ViewPoint Mobile UC client on iOS and Android smartphones and mobile devices
  • Access all frequently used PBX Features
  • Find me / follow me & twinning
  • Remote contact center agent

Vertical AppMarket
The Vertical AppMarket offers developer solutions that extend the Unified Communications capabilities of your Wave IP system and integration opportunities with existing business applications.

Feature developer solutions include:

  • Integration with leading CRM packages
  • Real-time visibility into your queue call status
  • Wall display solutions for contact center performance
  • Enhanced reporting utilities

Reporting and Compliance
Wave IP offers powerful reporting and compliance capabilities ensuring you have complete knowledge and control of corporate data and resources.

Reporting and compliance capabilities include:

  • Inbound / Outbound call tracking & accounting
  • Rules and policy-based call tagging
  • Security policies and password auditing
  • Live content monitoring and filtering for all IM messages
  • IM Message Logging, archiving and reporting
  • Centralized data repository and Business Intelligence reporting

Best practices implementation
Customize Wave IP to optimize business processes and drive productivity improvements in your business.

Best practice examples:

  • Rules-based call handling prioritized by value of customer
  • Integration of communcations capabilities with enterprise applications using Wave IP's open APIs - integrate with CRM, ERP, and more.
  • Perform data dips to associate callers with internal and external data; deliver the call to the desktop with the associated data. Tag calls with a unique ID that travels with calls across the corporate network; utilize cradle to grave reporting across sites, users, and actions.
  • Utilize your IP network for all internal calls; Wave IP automates the set up of internal SIP IP network and dial plans across your organiztion.

Deployment flexibility
Don't get hung up on CPE vs. cloud or centralized vs. distributed; Wave IP can be deployed anywhere in the network and meet your corporate needs on-site or in the Cloud.

Wave IP offers true flexibility in deployment scenarios:

  • Traditional: On-site CPE behind the firewall; maximum local control and security
  • Cloud: Centralized data center deployment servicing remote phones and UC Clients;leverage data center reliability and the data network
  • Distributed Peer-to-Peer: Distributed sites (CPE at the edge) with distributed trunking; intelligent network
  • Hub and Spoke w/ Centralized Trunking: Centralized trunk configuration at main site networked to remote sites with failover trunking support at the edge; optimiized trunking

Enterprise telephony features so you don't have to compromise when you leap to Unified Communications.

Wave IP is an Enteprise-class phone system:

  • Business class phone feature set with hundreds of features
  • Flexible configuration options - e.g. configure call appearances to mimic legacy key system phone interface to minimize employee retraining
  • Migration friendly so you can leverage existing infrastructure
  • Scalable integrated switching infrastructure that can grow with your organization
  • Integrated media resources for all trunking, transcoding, media play and record requirements


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