Wave IP Call Recording

Wave IP Call Recording - A Powerful Communications Application

Powerful call recording — built in at no additional cost.

A Powerful Communications Application

  • Call Recording supports compliance efforts by making it easy for law firms, police and fire departments, and regulated entities to record every call, then quickly search for any call when requested.
  • Call Recording helps minimize customer service issues by capturing every transaction in the customer's own words, improving the accuracy of every interaction.
  • Call Recording supports training objectives by enabling supervisors to record all calls or on a per-employee basis, making it easy to track performance over time.

Empowering every employee

With Wave IP you are able to empower every employee to record conversations as needed with a simple mouse click or by pushing a button on their phone, making call recording easy, practical and productive. An integrated Archived Recording Browser lets you search through days or months worth of recordings and find just the one you are looking for - in seconds.

Integrated into ViewPoint

There are no additional licenses, dedicated servers or third-party software packages needed. No start-up expenses, complexity, compatibility concerns or on-going maintenance costs. Call Recording is an inherent and integrated part of Wave IP- available to all users. Moreover, because of this integration, employees do not need to learn a new application, thus eliminating costly training and steep learning curves. With the built-in features of Wave IP Call Recording, call recording is easy and effective.

Comprehensive, customizable recordings

Managers can assign recording priviledges to users, choosing whether to let employees record all calls automatically, selected calls, or portions of conversations. Users can also record voice memos, eliminating the need for taping devices. Simply click on the intuitive buttons within ViewPoint to capture a customer's order, a client's instructions, notes from a teleconference, or their own thoughts. Play back recordings using handsets or computer speakers. Employees without a PC can still record calls or voice memos with any Wave-compatible desk phone or soft phone. Easy touch-tone commands enable anyone on the Wave IP system to create a recording.

Enhance communications

Employees can enhance their communications by adding text comments in the Notes Pane, or they can bookmark key sections of a lengthy recording to highlight important parts. Recordings can be exported or emailed as either .mp3 or .wav files, complete with notes and bookmarks, for review or transcription. When recordings are archived for later searching, you can search across millions of recordings and review data like call start stop time and duration, including any notes or bookmarks.

True integration

Call Recording integrates seamlessly with Wave Contact Center, an optional add-on application of the Wave IP platform delivering advanced contact center management capabilities, even if your organization does not have a formal contact center. Wave Contact Center administrators can choose to record every call handled by agents or every third call, for example, to bolster agent training, coaching and performance.

Archive recordings for simple retrieval

ViewPoint extends the value and utility of call recording into your company's future, because there's no limit to the number of recordings you can store. You can archive recordings on any network drive using a separate Windows PC configured to run the Archived Recording Service and SQL Server. You can use Wave Archived Recording Browser to search across millions of recordings using criteria like people on the call, CallerID, call date, trunk numbers, call time or call notes, to find just the one you want in seconds. The ability to quickly locate past communications amongst thousands of audio files helps streamline governance and ensure adherence to compliance requirements. 

The built-in Call Recording capabilities of Wave IP ensure that organizations of all sizes take advantage of this indespensable tool to improve service levels, enforce compliance and improve staff training.

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