Wave Call Classifier

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Dramatically improve your customer service and your competitive advantage with advanced call routing based on real-time lookup of customer data.

Wave Call Classifier enables professionals to provide better customer service by empowering them with information about the caller and the origin of the lead source or relevant promotion before they answer a call. Wave Call Classifier can provide agents with detailed caller information from any ODBC database (local or external), and can intelligently route calls based on who is calling or what they are calling about.

"The integration of Wave Call Classifier with our customer database has allowed us to significantly improve customer service by providing critical information to our support engineers based on the caller, such as identification numbers and technology they are using via ViewPoint, before they even pick up the phone! Visual Voicemail, Call Logging and Call Recording are heavy utilized functions that have improved our daily operations."

Thomas Padberg, Managing Director, PTC Telekom

Easy to set up. Easy to use.

Wave Call Classifier is easy to set up and use to meet your contact center's specific requirements. It's important to get the right call to the right agent quickly. By creating business rules, you can configure Wave Call Classifier to enhance the call in ViewPoint and then intelligently route the call to the most appropriate agent. For example, Wave Call Classifier can be configured to insert the name of the product the caller is inquiring about based on DID, change caller priority in a contact center queue, automatically route calls to regional agents based on area code and more. 

Tangible Benefits

There are hundreds of ways you can use Wave Call Classifier to benefit your organization or contact center, including:

  • Set a caller's queue priority based on issue number, customer number or caller ID to bump them up in line - or route callers to the appropriate agent based on area code.
  • Verify a caller's customer number and before the agent answers display a pop-up on their desktop containing the customer record.
  • Based on who is calling, query your CRM or support databases and specify agent skill requirements (such as language, technical skills etc) that are required to properly handle the call.
  • Prevent non-validated callers from reaching an agent by automatically prompting callers for diagnostic numeric information,validate it based on any ODBC database and then send the resulting profile information to the agent.
  • Based on your own custom or company database, attach issue numbers, customer profiles, addresses and other information to the call.
  • and more...

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