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Connect callers quickly to the right agent

Whether you are taking orders or helping customers, your contact center's performance is critical to your reputation and is often the most important factor in achieving your growth and profitability goals. Wave Contact Center gives you the tools to make agents more productive and callers more satisfied.


 Dramatically Lower Costs

Traditionally businesses in need of full contact center functionality have had to choose costly stand-alone products, many of which required proprietary hardware operated and administrated separately from the company phone system. That approach added complexity and significant costs, while severely limiting flexibility. Wave Contact Center, a fully integrated module of the award-winning Wave IP Business Communications System, provides powerful contact center capabilities with no additional hardware required. Because it is a software solution, Wave Contact Center future-proofs your call center investment and is easily customized and expanded. Configuration and use is highly intuitive and uses the familiar, easy-to-use Wave interface - ViewPoint. Wave Contact Center can also be configured as an adjunct contact center solution to a traditional PBX.

Connect callers quickly to the right agent

Unlike other contact center solutions that require programming or complex flowchart design, Wave IP lets administrators control all routing functions with a simple point and click menu-based interface. You can make a queue accessible by an extension, DID, auto attendant or remote office VoIP connection and set up sophisticated routing so that queued callers are quickly connected to the best agent for the call. Examples:
  • Route a caller to the agent who has had the fewest calls, has been idle the longest or has the shortest talk time.
  • Set up 'Last Agent' routing, which connects a callback from a caller-ID-identified caller to the same agent who handled the previous call from the customer.
  • Send calls to your least expensive agents first.
  • Ring agents simultaneously or in a round robin pattern.
  • Use powerful skills-based routing to direct callers to the available agent who is most skilled to address their needs.

Manage & create queues from a single point

Within Wave Contact Center, the Wave Global Administrator provides a single unified interface for managing all aspects of contact center queues. For example, with a few mouse clicks you can choose how calls in a queue are distributed to agents, customize the callers' hold experience by playing single or repeating messages, prompt callers to enter data, configure call priority, set up automatic call recording, and much more.

Enhance the on-hold experience for users

Successful contact center managers know that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Customers form opinions about the quality of the company before they ever speak to an agent. With Wave Contact Center, queues can have on-hold music and prompts can be customized and conditional, even playing personalized prompts for special customers or to those who enter a customer number.

Empower your agents

contactcenter1With ViewPoint, agents can point and click to grab a waiting call from the queue, or see if a supervisor or other expert is available, conference or transfer the call as needed. Audio prompts or visual indicators let agents use either their phone or PC to easily distinguish calls from different queues, and queue calls from personal calls.

Productivity knows no bounds

Agent productivity doesn't have to be restricted to where they are. Remote agents can take their calls via the Internet using VoIP and manage the calls using an IP phone or soft phone.

Know who's calling

Prepare agents with caller details before they answer the call. Knowing who is calling and the caller's history can enhance the caller's experience, potentially shortening the call and freeing up the agent for more calls.

Keep informed with detail reporting and real-time statistics

Contact center data is key to increasing your contact center performance and profitability. Supervisors need to be able to analyze this data on the fly and make adjustments to better leverage personnel and resources. Supervisors and agents can monitor queue performance and agent productivity using the Wave Contact Center's Queue Monitor.

For remote monitoring, you can dial into the office and enter a code to hear Wave IP read real-time queue statistics.

Spot trends in queue and agent performance

Successfully managing a contact center involves continual data analysis to determine caller and agent trends and make adjustments. The Wave Contact Center Reporter leverages Microsoft Excel to give managers intuitive report-generating tools without the hassle of having to import or export information, manipulate or roll up data, or manually create charts.

Coach agents to improve skills

The Wave Contact Center lets supervisors discreetly oversee and give agents guidance and training in real time. A supervisor can monitor an agent's call and choose whether or not the agent is aware of the monitoring. Supervisors can also coach an agent so that the agent can hear but not the customer or join the call and talk to the customer and agent in a conference.

Record calls with a mouse click

Integrated call recording allows supervisors to review the quality of agent conversations at any time by recording a sample of queue calls, or configuring call recording for particular agents. Agents can also record calls on demand to provide documentation on difficult situations. At the conclusion of each call, recordings can be delivered immediately to any voice mailbox or e-mail address.

Track customers or campaigns

Assign Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) to identify incoming calls generated by advertising campaigns or to identify important customers even without caller ID. Create Wave IP call rules to handle these calls differently, and track them using the Call Volume by Identified Caller report.

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