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True mobility. At no extra cost.

iphoneHow do you keep everyone connected, on target and on task while they’re on the move? The key to productive mobile employees isn’t the device they use. It’s access. Immediate access to co-workers, customers, decision makers, information. Access to all the communications functionality and features you use in the office, even when you’re not – all at your fingertips.

Wave ViewPoint Mobile includes an extensive array of built-in, advanced communications applications like presence and call management, secure instant messaging, visual voice mail and call recording that you pay a premium for with other systems – all included. No extra hardware or software needed. And now true mobility. At no extra cost.

A whole new ViewPoint on mobility

Wave ViewPoint Mobile – the only mobility application that comes standard – delivers Wave's full suite of advanced integrated applications anywhere you need to be. With ViewPoint Mobile you can:

  • Update your status from anywhere
  • Check availability of co-workers
  • Access personal contacts via ViewPoint
  • Send secure IMs
  • Have a single contact number
  • Tap to talk, transfer or put calls on hold
  • Check voice mail
  • Take notes on and record calls

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