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Advanced Capabilities

Vertical Wave™ IP Business Phone System: Advanced Capabilities When You Need Them

Is Your Organization Ready for IP Today?

Wave is IP at its core. When configured as a pure IP solution, Wave’s integrated SIP server and native gateway resources provide a complete, standards-based IP telephony infrastructure for next-generation SIP applications and network services. Wave supports Vertical SIP IP endpoints, SIP-based PBX and applications networking, SIP trunking and IP-based remote administration.

Need to Migrate to a Pure IP Environment?

Wave includes robust voice gateway capabilities that let you migrate to next-generation IP communications services on your own timeline. Wave supports traditional voice trunk interfaces, including analog trunks, T1 and PRI-ISDN with built-in CSU/DSU functionality and V.35 access with powerful diagnostics. Wave also supports a full range of IP Codecs as well as SIP trunking services for maximum flexibility.

Supports Broad Array of Phones

Wave supports many combinations of wired and wireless SIP phones, including soft phone clients and digital telephones, as well as analog endpoints. Wave takes full advantage of both the advanced feature set and cost savings of the family of Vertical IP phones. To help protect your telephone investment, Wave supports many Comdial® Impact Classic digital phones as well as many Vodavi®-branded digital phones.

Wave Grows With You

Wave provides exceptional expansion capabilities and investment protection as your organization grows and prospers. The base Wave IP 2500 system supports up to 350 IP endpoints or a combination of up to 60 digital and analog end-users.

To expand a base Wave IP 2500 system to support more digital or analog trunks/stations, simply add innovative Wave Expansion Units (EXUs) which stack neatly on to the Wave IP 2500 server. No external cabling or additional hardware configuration is required. Each EXU supports up to 48 additional digital or analog users or additional trunk capacity.

As your business grows, your Vertical Wave system can grow gracefully along with it, satisfying your future needs and protecting your communications infrastructure investment. Wave’s multi-site capabilities feature robust networking and IP-based management of multiple site deployments, enabling network administrators to efficiently manage moves, adds and changes, configure voice features and applications between workgroups and across locations, as well as leverage SNMP-based alarms and trace applications to notify, diagnose and troubleshoot almost any issue.

What's in Your Future

For any organization to succeed, it’s critical to make investments in systems that address today’s needs while anticipating future opportunities.

While some IP-based business communications systems claim to integrate voice and data communications, only Vertical Wave offers the Applications Inside™ architecture, which both delivers on the promise of IP and keeps hardware costs in line. With a core set of applications that will drive today’s organization — Auto Attendant, Unified Messaging, Call Recording, and ViewPoint desktop call management — as well as a growing library of value-added applications to grow with you over time — Contact Center, Conference Manager, Fax Manager and Voice Server — Wave is key to your future success. Choose from a rich set of management tools to address your organization’s needs as they evolve.

Your business future rests on smart decisions. Vertical Wave — It’s the Right Call.™

Make the Right Call with Vertical Wave

With its unique Applications Inside™ architecture, Vertical Wave provides the right mix of big business capabilities at a small business price. Automatically receive upgrades and enhancements through the Wave Subscription Program. Whether your organization has 20 users or thousands, Wave supports you now — and in the future.

Wave is available through our network of Wave Certified Business Partners and is licensed as follows:

  • Wave Standard Edition — for 1 to 50 users
  • Wave Professional Edition — for 51 to 200 users
  • Wave Enterprise Edition — for 201 to 350 users

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