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Effective Business Solutions - You Talk. We Listen!

We provide business solutions incorporating the Vertical Wave PBX and Vertical’s Televantage PBX.  

We are a top tier Vertical dealer and we’ve been one for over a decade.  We assist with domestic and international deployments and support – that’s 24/7 support. We’ve deployed and managed hundreds of Vertical systems in every type environment.  Put our experience to work solving your business problems.


Bring us your communications needs and goals:

  • Multi-site deployments with simple extension based site to site call flow
  • Complex call center needs incorporating numerous queues and call recording
  • Simplified training and management
  • Integration of business applications with your phone system to provide quick access to caller data and improved customer service
  • Simple remote user installation without unpredictable firewall and hardware expenses

Wanting all VoIP? We've installed more pure VoIP Wave PBXs than any other dealer.  But we don’t focus on VoIP exclusively.  We work with all types of deployments - VoIP, digital, analog, and hybrid.  We’ll determine with you what mix of technologies is the best fit for your needs.  As a Microsoft Partner we can also help you integrate Wave into your local network and enterprise.  If you wish we can assist your staff or network vendor when help is needed - and we provide firewall configuration.  Use us to simplify and expedite Wave installaltion and support.

Tell us what you always wanted to do with your phone system but couldn’t - or what you were told can’t be done.

Already on Wave?  Great!  We’ll help you plan, deploy, and manage your solution.  Feel like you’re not getting the most out of what you have?  Let us help you employ Wave to your full advantage.

Wave is new to you?  You’ll find product information here or call us and speak to a support or deployment planner.

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Wave IP Online

Your First Stop For All Things Wave and Vertical. Providing Complete Call Center and VOIP Solutions. Easy Online Ordering.

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