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Wave 4.5 Released

Major New Features/Enhancements waveipserver

  • ViewPoint Mobile 2.0 with New Embedded SIP Softphone
  • New Custom Personal Statuses Feature
  • New Contact Center Queue Callback Option
  • New Custom CID for Improved Emergency Call Handling
  • Enhanced Edge 5000i IP Phone Functionality for Gigabit & 4-Button Phone
  • Support for New Polycom Soundstation & Spectralink 8400 Wireless IP Phones

ViewPoint Mobile 2.0

Complete mobility solution at no additional cost

  • Free mobile app for all users
  • No additional system licensing
  • Virtual Machine VPserver included for secure calls

New integrated SIP softphone

  • Make calls over data, voice, or cell data
  • All call controls in one interface

Reliable call quality

  • Network monitor shows each call's quality
  • Seamlessly switch between networks for optimum call quality
  • Automatic reconnect if call drops
  • Prompts let all call parties know that reconnect is occurring

Guaranteed, transparent security

  • All voice calls, IMs & data fully encrypted
  • Mobile client controlled through centralized application management

Custom Personal Statuses

  • Easily create additional, customized Personal Statuses for both
  • ViewPoint desktop & ViewPoint Mobile applications
  • Works across entire Wave network (with v4.5)

Emergency Call Handling

  • Remote phones can now reach the right 911 call center by sending custom emergency Caller ID information to local carrier to reroute the call
  • Ability to send emergency alerts via phone or email to multiple recipients, locations
  • Set emergency number as programmable button feature
  • Ideal for large campus environments
  • Simple, cost-effective emergency alert solution for satellite/remote
  • locations (no need for separate emergency phone line)

Contact Center Queue Callbacks

  • New menu option available in queues for customers & agents to initiate automatic callbacks
  • Features special handling options for callbacks & unique callback reporting capabilities
  • Eliminate cost of phone lines needed only for peak traffic
  • Increase staffing efficiency with better call load distribution
  • Reduce call wait times & improve customer service
  • Better manage peak call times

Enhanced Functionality for Edge 5000i Gigabit & 4-Button Phones

  • Comparable feature set with existing digital phones for more choices, easy transition from digital to IP phones
  • New Call Record button
  • Enhanced DSS/BLF
  • Works with Extension Pickup
  • Works with all star (*) commands
  • Direct one-touch access to key functions (e.g., Call Record, Night Answer, Break-In, etc.)
  • Can still be programmed/accessed through ViewPoint
  • 5000i Executive large LCD model now supports custom button labels

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